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Friday, April 24, 2009

Major Logic Studio update?

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Hello, well...

This is not a rumors site, you know, like this site that says that major updates might be coming the Pro Apps way... nor a site to talk about non-existing features, there are already tons of websites that have countless "wish lists" on what users would like to see on Logic Studio.

Being the company Apple is, makes it very unlikely that you would know anything about what they're cooking until it's ready.

Nevertheless I would like to present to you some features I would love to see implemented on LS, please feel free to comment on it.

In no particular order...

More guitar effects! bare with me, don't roll your eyes and think it's petty, better wahs, tremolos, and more amp simulation never hurts. Don't forget that a lot of guitarists use LS. (just look at the poll here on the side)

2. Real time Time Stretching/pitch correction: You know, making your audio tracks change either pitch or tempo or both but independently, on the fly.
All this would be better if it could be applied to Apple Loops.

This may sound far fetched but yeah, Autotune or Melodyne style would be lovely.

3. Simpler ReWire implementation: not having to create first an external MIDI track and then a bus for ReWire tracks, just a single track that would act as both, like an instrument track, would that destroy the world? naa, it would probably make it a better place.

For those who do not like to see changes in that department a toggle switch would allow the "Legacy Method" or the old style way of "ReWire-ing".

4. Speaking about ReWire, make MainStage a ReWire host/client, a lot of people would love to use it along with Ableton Live or Propellerheads Reason.
If not, why not let MainStage receive transport messages? and if it's not much to ask, to send MIDI.

I know, the video where Trent Reznor talks about MainStage and says it's the best thing around looks impressive, but most of us are not NiN and we do not have an army of roadies, sound engineers or truckloads of gear so don't just ignore the hords of electronic musicians and dj wannabes who would like to take their laptops on a live show and have top quality effects and instruments (like Ultrabeat) well sequenced and synched.

5. Simpler Arpeggiator implementation: (yeah that means not having to use the Environment) oh well, you know it's not rocket science but wouldn't it be nice if it would just work like a plug-in? They have got the vocoder right, now it's the arpeggiator's turn.

6. OSC implementation: Open Sound Control is the next thing after MIDI, yeah, trust me, IT IS, just give up, embrace it. We would be able to use almost any piece of hardware like Wii-motes, iPhones, home-made step sequencers you name it. Plus, we wouldn't have to hack our way into Logic via Max MSP.

7. New or updated instruments: We cannot complain about the 40+/- instruments that come with LS, hey, some of may even be perfect, but who ever said musicians do not appreciate new stuff? You know, the ES1 debuted 10 years ago!

That's about it for me, anyone has more suggestions?


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soundtrack PRO, Editing Audio Tips I

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I know I don't talk much about Soundtrack Pro, I mostly talk about Logic Pro and sometimes about Mainstage, but I would like to start a series of posts about Soundtrack Pro which is mainly the audio editing tool for Logic Studio users that work in broadcast, this would be filmmakers, TV, Radio and Podcast people.

When editing audio the main features you are looking for havent changed since the tape editing era and they would be:

Cut or split, Delete or Insert Silence, Nudge, Copy and Paste.

Other functions like fade-ins, outs, normalizing etc would belong to the "process" field.

Here's a great little video from Pixel Heads Network I found it on the Vimeo website and it features an interview recorded via Skype which needs some editing and processing.

As any real pro would, the host makes it seem incredibly easy (and with such a great audio editing tool it must be).